Feb 122016

iTachIP2IR-medtransDownload this Linux IR learning utility that supports the Global Caché® iTach IP2IR networked IR blaster. A company called Global Caché markets a line of IR Blasters that are controllable across a network. With these devices you can send commands from any networked computer or smartphone to the IR emitters attached to your TV and stereo equipment. This way you can adjust the volume or change the channel from the next room or across the country.

Each Global Caché device supports three independently controlled IR emitters. Each emitter is attached to a single IR input of a TV, stereo, etc. Each Global Caché device also contains an integral IR receiver. The purpose of the receiver is for capture of button IR codes from your existing remote controls. In this way these Global Caché devices learn how to behave the same as your remotes. The Global Caché software tool iLearn is used to record these button codes. The software support Global Caché provides is exclusive to the Windows operating system. And therein lies the rub. There is virtually no support for Linux.

A couple of years ago I wrote companion Linux utilities for the Global Caché IP2IR device to fill the void for use in my MythTV setup. My “Wire” utility is akin to the Global Caché iLearn tool, and my “Wirch” utility is used to change channels on a TV or cable TV tuner box. There is also a “Wircmd” utility for sending any IR command sequence.

Get started with Wire by Downloading the tarball.

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Apr 072012

Technology has a life, in that it is born in the minds of its creators, lives through use by its admirers, and dies through obsolescence and disinterest. The users of technology range from the early adopters, through broad fanaticism by the ‘me-too’ masses, and finally onto those who join the party just as the majority have moved on in a fickle state of disinterest. Then there are the scavengers and the repurposers who breathe new life into mature or obsolete technology. We hail these alternative technology uses.

We exalt the advancement of technology and wait for the day when it becomes commonplace and even disdained. We adopt these castoffs and orphans of technology and put them to good use.

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Apr 072012

Kolinahr is a Vulcan discipline wherein all emotion is renounced and shed. What remains is a state of pure logic.

From the film:

Star Trek: The Motion Picture
Stardate: 7410.2
Original Airdate: Dec 20, 1979

FEMALE MASTER: (in Vulcan) Our ancestors cast out their animal passions on these very sands, …saving our race through the attainment of Kolinahr.
MALE MASTER: (in Vulcan) Kolinahr, through which all emotion is renounced and shed.
FEMALE MASTER: (in Vulcan) You have laboured for many seasons, Spock …and you have proved yourself worthy …to receive this symbol of pure logic.
(Spock stops her putting the ancient pendant around his neck)
FEMALE MASTER: (in Vulcan) Your thoughts, give them to me. Our minds are joined, Spock, …together, and as one. I sense the consciousness calling to you from space. …Your human blood is touched by it, Spock. You have not yet attained Kolinahr. He must search elsewhere for his answer. He shall not find it here. Live long and prosper, Spock.

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