Apr 082012

Having been a long time devote of the MythTV DVR, I was lulled into a state of complacency. I came to believe that my home-built DVR was an appliance that would perform its duties ad infinitum. About a year ago, the cable company insisted that I take several of its digital converter boxes. They said that I would need them to continue to get cable service. I put them in the closet, and put it out of my mind. For months, I said to myself, “My cable TV works fine, I don’t need no stinking boxes”. Then, one day, more than six months later, I sat down to enjoy my favorite TV programs, faithfully recorded on my DVR, as had always been the case. The horror of it all, was that there was nothing but snow recorded for many of the programs. The sneaky cable company had switched off nearly all of the channels, without so much as a “how do you do”.

So out came three cable boxes, from the closet. Two simplistic little channel changers, and one full featured box with on demand programs, and a built-in program guide. I would hook the simple channel changers to the MythTV DVR, and save the full featured tuner for live TV watching. Getting the little cables boxes to work with MythTV required considerably more effort than simply hooking up the cables. The entire process has been documented, and you can follow along as you perform similar surgery on your own MythTV DVR:

Read the article: MythTV with Multiple Cable Boxes Controlled by IR Blasters

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